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The Kay-Grant Group, founded by Geoff & Andrea Lilienfeld, is a cutting-edge realty team like no other. Geoff and Andrea both come from high-level corporate backgrounds, where they managed and negotiated multi-million dollar contracts and served as consultants for large companies who sought out their respective expertise.

They bring an incredible business acumen to your transaction. Both Andrea and Geoff are seasoned real estate investors. The keys to their incredible success in The Valley real estate market is their keen business insights on the investment side of a transaction, their extensive corporate marketing backgrounds they use to get homes sold at top dollar, and most importantly, the sheer heart and tenacity they apply toward the success of your home sale or purchase. Call them today for your next move and experience real estate service at the highest level!

Andrea's bright personality and strong work ethic started on a midwest farm back in 1981

When your father wakes you up at 3 am to join your two brothers in 30-degree chill yelling, “the cows are out,” you don’t grumble, you jump. At least that’s how it was done in Andrea’s house on their family farm on the border of Iowa and Minnesota. 

Scottsdale Realtor Andrea Lilienfeld

Commitment and Dedication
Local businesswoman Andrea Lilienfeld can tell you a thing or two about commitment, hard work and dedication. Those three hallmark attributes have propelled her from her formative years as a farm girl to her respectable success in the corporate world to her status as one of the leading real estate agents in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.

In fact, trace her life trajectory and you will see a determined, focused and enthusiastic life force. From National Honor Society to yearbook staff to band to excelling at softball, track, volleyball and basketball (she was a standout in her days playing for her AAU team), Andrea constantly pushed herself to reach the next level. She did it all and worked as a waitress after school.

Midwest Values in her DNA
But that is just Andrea being Andrea. Her parents were incredible inspirations. Her father was a hard-working farmer who provided for the family and never complained, and her mother went back to school to earn her RN degree, eventually becoming a public Health Director. Solid Midwest values are hard-wired in Andrea’s DNA.

Stellar Rise in Corporate America
Andrea earned a degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Northern Iowa. She entered the next phase of her life with her trademark drive and served as a Regional Director for a life insurance company, managing teams of sales professionals. From there, she went into pharmaceutical sales, eventually moving to the health industry, where she negotiated multi-million dollar contracts and was responsible for managing the company’s profit margins. 

In another pivotal moment in her life, Andrea met a similar kindred spirit, Geoff Lilienfeld, in Kansas City. The two shared similar meteoric rises in the business world. They eventually discovered the Scottsdale area where they pursued the “snowbird” lifestyle, buying their first condo and working remotely.

Real Estate Powerhouse
Andrea and Geoff fell in love with the incredible energy of the Scottsdale lifestyle, and they fell in love with real estate investing, buying their first condo and then purchasing additional investment properties. They loved the real estate process so much and were getting so adept at it (their friends started approaching them for investment advice), that Andrea left her corporate job, settled permanently in Scottsdale, and entered real estate full time. Fast forward to today, and the realty group they founded, the Kay-Grant Group, has become one of the local area’s real estate powerhouses. 

Perfect Storm
Andrea’s and Geoff’s success story is much like a perfect storm starting from the Midwest on a path to Scottsdale, where they are continuing to dramatically make an impact in people’s lives. Their dynamic personalities, their extensive business acumen from their corporate tenures, combined with their love of the area and real estate investing, make them the ideal team for all your real estate needs. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a home seller (condo or single family house) or a seasoned investor, the Kay-Grant Group is your ideal real estate solution.

Next Level Real Estate
Geoff’s management consulting background and technical experience as an IT business owner are key contributions to the team’s success. But truth be told, the main driving force behind their success is Andrea’s personality and incredibly empathetic people skills. “Andrea has the consummate servant’s heart,” explains Geoff. “She loves people, listens carefully to what they are looking to accomplish, and she is relentless in her focus in making their dreams happen!”

So if you are looking to buy, sell or invest in single family homes or looking at the amazing condo lifestyle in the Scottsdale real estate market, turn to Andrea and the Kay-Grant Group and relax, you’re in good hands. It’s true, Andrea’s clients are happy they experienced that special place Where Arizona and the Midwest Meet!