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This blog focuses on topics relevant to the Scottsdale and Phoenix metro real estate community as well as to those residing in The Valley that are interested in things to do around The Valley or the general going-ons in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Who is The Kay-Grant Group?

The Kay-Grant Group is owned and managed by Geoff and Andrea Lilienfeld whom reside in Old Town Scottsdale.  We are a group of passionate real estate agents that specialize in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and all places that we call "The Valley."  We are passionate real estate professionals that bring a strong business acumen to the Phoenix and Scottsdale real estate world.

In addition to being Valley real estate agents, we are also real estate investors.  We own several investment properties in Scottsdale and love to help those that are seasoned real estate investors, or those just getting started, to search for great investment properties and calculate the numbers.  If you're just getting started we can help you understand how to target great investment opportunities.

When it comes to selling homes we are extremely aggressive and execute marketing plans for every home we list, often times including aggressive mailing campaigns to neighbors and other individuals whom the home might be of interest to.

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Jan. 18, 2017

Is a Scottsdale Condo Right for You?

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Th? ?h????? for t?d??'? ??nd? m?rk?t ?r? f?ll?d with m?r? and more ??t??n?. Fr?m th? ultr?-luxur? $2,000,000 plus ??nth?u??? th?t equal m?ll??n dollar ??ngl? family homes, t? ultra-luxurious h?t?l condos, t? 600 ??. ft. studios. Th?? d?v?r??t? ?f residences ?ll?w the growing condo market t? ?ff?r m?n? ?h????? for ?v?r? level ?f home bu??r. 

Th? w?rd condominium ??tu?ll? d???r?b?? ?nd?v?du?l ?wn?r?h?? ?n a mult?un?t ?tru?tur?, n?t the ?r?h?t??tur? ?f a ?r???rt?. In th? 1970? ?nd '80?, ??nd?m?n?um? were thought t? b? a choice ?nl? f?r f?r?t-t?m? home bu??r? and r?t?r???. 

Fr?m n?w m?n?? r??h b?b? boomers to r?t?r???, luxur? ??nd? l?v?ng ?? in d?m?nd ??r??? the country. Luxur? condos h?v? ?tr?ng gr?wth in many of th? m?j?r real estate m?rk?t?, ?n?lud?ng L?? Vegas, S?uth Fl?r?d?, S??tt?d?l?, N?w Y?rk, ?nd P?tt?burgh. 

Th? population ?f Scottsdale h?? grown considerably ??n?? the ???r ?f incorporation in 1951. It is n?w the ??xth largest ??t? ?n the ?t?t?. A? far ?? S??tt?d?l? h?m?? f?r sale g?, th? city ?? v?r? w?l??m?ng. It h?? been ??ll?d one ?f th? "most l?v?bl? ??t???" ?n th? U.S. b? the Un?t?d St?t?? C?nf?r?n?? ?f M???r?. It ?? ?l?? v?r? ???ul?r f?r ?t? golf ??ur??? ?nd r???rt hotels. 

R???d?nt??ll? ????k?ng, Scottsdale real ??t?t? ?? organized ?nt? f?ur m?j?r ?r???. S?uth S??tt?d?l? ?? known to b? th? work ?l??? area ?f the ??t?. It ?l?? ??nt??n? a great d??l ?f the n?ghtl?f? ??t?v?t? as w?ll ?? th? "art scene." H?r?, th? m?d??n h?m? ?r??? is about $291,000, wh??h is ??n??d?r?bl? l??? th?n North Scottsdale. Old T?wn S??tt?d?l? ?? where ??u can f?nd th? old f??h??n?d retail buildings, ??m? n?ght?lub? ?nd plenty of w??t?rn ?rt. This ?? ?l?? th? m??n ?ultur?l district of the city. 

 In ?dd?t??n to all the luxur? amenities, ????l? also want m?r? room.

 Of course, a ??nd? d???n't h?v? t? be new ?r luxur??u? t? b? d???r?bl?. R???gn?z?ng th? n??d f?r ?ff?rd?bl? h?u??ng, ?nd ?n?r????d building ???t? and land restrictions in many m?rk?t? over the ???t 15 ???r?, d?v?l???r? and ?nv??t?r? h?v? b??n turning ?tt??h?d rental ???rtm?nt ?nt? condominium ??mmun?t??? ?nd th? movement to convert h?? n?v?r b??n stronger than in th? past year. 

Condominiums are no longer a ?h??? ?lt?rn?t?v? but a "lifestyle". M?n? ??nd?m?n?um ?wn?r? ??nn?t ?m?g?n? ?n? ?th?r w?? t? l?v?. 

W?rk?ng w?th a real ??t?t? professional ?? ?lw??? th? b??t way t? ?n?ur? th?t ??u ?r? m?k?ng th? best f?n?n???l m?v?. Y?ur R??lt?r ??n help n?g?t??t? costs, navigate ??ntr??t?, ?nd ?n?ur? that everything ?? ?? you w?nt ?t t? b?. Th?r? h?? never been a b?tt?r t?m? to l??k f?r great h?m?? in S??tt?d?l?, ?nd the ?h????? ?r? certainly remarkable. The market f?r real ??t?t? is certainly ?n th? road t? r???v?r?, but th? numb?r of ?m??nd?ng f?r??l??ur?? ?t?ll available means th?t f?r n?w th? m?rk?t ?? ?t?ll in favor of th? buyer. If you h?v? considered making a r??l ??t?t? ?ur?h??? in S??tt?d?l?, the t?m? to d? so ?? n?w.


Oct. 12, 2016

Tour a 2 Bed 2 bath Optima Camelview Condo for Sale

Join Scottsdale Realtor Andrea Lilienfeld as she walks you through a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in the Optima Camelview.  Please contact us if you're in need of real estate advice from professional Scottsdale Realtors.


You can read the transcription here:

Hi I'm Andrea Lilienfeld with The Kay-Grant Group and today I'm excited to tour one of our featured properties at the Optima Camelview. Today we're going to be looking at one of the largest two bedroom, two bath units offered here at the Optima Camelview with just over seventeen hundred square feet. On top of the size of this unit, what you're going to notice as we take our tour is just how upgraded this unit truly is. The current owners of this condo have taken great pride in insuring that their kitchen is truly one-of-a-kind. You will not find a kitchen like this in any other unit. With that, let's take a minute and let's look at all the different features.

In the very center of this one-of-a-kind, custom, chef's kitchen you're going to notice a two and a quarter inch solid eight by three foot maple butcher block island. This custom maple butcher block island is surrounded by custom azul bahia granite counter tops that have been imported from Brazil. You'll notice these counter tops have a unique blue hue to them that you don't often find. The kitchen is also accented with a tumbled stone back splash and equipped with a Wolf gas range stove with matching Wolf hood. As well as a subzero thirty inch integrated combination refrigerator and freezer and a subzero eighty bottle wine refrigerator. The second you walk into this kitchen you can tell that the owner spared no expenses when it came to ensuring they had a true one-of-a-kind chef kitchen.

Just passed the kitchen we're going to find a portion of the great room that's set aside for a dining room table. Now you'll see here that the owner currently has an eight person dining room table with plenty of room to spare. This is very unique for a two bedroom, two bath condo at the Optima Camelview. This is just one more feature that truly makes this a one-of-a-kind unit. Directly across the way from the dining room table we're going to find one of two private patios that this condo offers.

The patio you're currently looking at is a covered patio, so the majority of the day it's going to be shaded from the sun and it helps protect you from the weather if it should happen to rain. You can see the way this patio is currently set up the current owners often times would use this patio to enjoy their morning breakfast and coffee while enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather.

Just passed the area designated for the dining room you're going to find that the room opens up to a great space for lounging. What makes this room so unique is that you'll see there is floor to ceiling windows on three of the four walls. However, even though there's windows on three sides, you'll notice this is still a very private unit. Since it's on the exterior it's looking out making the room feel even bigger than it is without having neighbors able to look in to your condo.

Just off the main seating space you're going to find the second private patio that this condo has to offer. This is just another great space to be used to ensure you're able to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather.

Now that we've had a chance to tour the main living space of this oversize two bedroom, two bathroom unit, let's take a moment to look at the bedrooms.

Here I am now in the master bedroom. What you're going to see as you look around is just how large this bedroom is. There's plenty of room to have a king-size bed with a dressers and nightstands as well as still have a nice seating are by the window that allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscaping outside. Another unique feature with the master bedroom are the custom doors to both the closet and en suite that the owners had installed. The doors themselves give this room a very relaxing, almost spa retreat type feel. These custom doors have been installed on a rolling track that allows you to easily access the master bedroom en suite. Inside the en suite what you'll see is this bathroom features a dual vanity as well as a custom tiled walk-in shower. As we tour the master bedroom I can't help but take just a moment to ensure you guys all get a chance to see the view from the window. This view is one of my favorite views offered here at the Optima Camelview. With both tons of lush green plants below and then the Scottsdale city line just across the way. Where you can see just how close you are to Fashion Square and all the other entertainment offered here at Old Town Scottsdale.

As I've mentioned several times this is a two bedroom, two bathroom unit. With that I want to take a moment to show you the second bedroom. What you can see here is that the second bedroom is actually a great size considering this isn't the master. There's plenty of room for a queen-size bed with dresser and nightstand as well as the fact the owners even managed to have enough room for a desk with computer and filing cabinet. As you can see this room for him is doubling as both his office and guest room for when visitors come.

Across the hallway from the second bedroom is where you'll find the second bathroom. The second bathroom of this unit also features a dual vanity, which is very unique for a two bedroom, two bathroom condo. You'll also notice that this bathroom has been upgraded with a tile surround on the bathtub that's going to match the travertine flooring that you see throughout the entire condo.

As we wrap up our tour of this one-of-a-kind, oversize, two bedroom, two bathroom unit I want to take just a moment to let everyone know that this condo is available fully furnished if you want a truly turn key option. This condo also comes with two parking spaces and a large storage unit should you need it.

Now with that, let's take a moment and let's explore the amenities available throughout the Optima Camelview. On our tour of the community you're going to have the opportunity to see the Optima Camelview's two outdoor pools with spas, their private putting green, their indoor lap pool with indoor basketball court and racquetball court as well as their large private gym. On top of all these amenities what you're going to see is resident's of the Optima Camelview also have access to two on-site restaurants, a private Pilates studio, as well as a dry cleaner. This is truly a one-of-a-kind community that you won't want to miss.

If you're interested in learning more about the Optima Camelview or learning more about this featured two bedroom, two bathroom condo at the Optima Camelview please call or text me at 480-387-3990. Or send me an email at Thanks and have a great day.


Posted in Optima Camelview
Sept. 30, 2016

New One Bedroom Optima Camelview condo for Sale

Join Scottsdale, AZ Realtor Andrea Lilienfeld as she takes you on a tour of this beautiful one bedroom condo in the Optima Camelview.  With a large living area, tons of floor to ceiling windows, and a beautifully landscaped patio, this Optima condo would be a great home for anyone looking for fantastic condo living.

Click here to view all Optima condos for sale or you can search all Scottsdale homes for sale

Hi, I'm Andrea Lilienfeld with the Kay-Grant Group and today I'm excited to give us a tour of one of the largest one-bedroom condos at the Optima Camelview. We're going to start our tour today on the condo's private patio. As you'll see as we look around, this is one of the largest patios you're going to see. It has both ample room for you to lounge as well as dine. The beauty of it is that it's all underneath a covered patio. What that means is even in the hot summers or during the rainy monsoon season, you're able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Arizona.

As we move inside to this beautiful one-bedroom condo, what you're going to notice is just how much space there truly is. With 1,134 square feet, this one-bedroom condo is almost as large as a lot of the two-bedroom condos here at the Optima Camelview. The main living space has both a great open area to sit in and enjoy company with your friends, lounge and watch TV, as well as having it open up into a dining room area and a beautiful gourmet kitchen.

Here we are in the open concept kitchen I mentioned previously. You'll notice that the previous owner has taken the time to refinish all of the cabinets to make sure they're a nice, airy color that will go with anyone's décor. They've also added on plenty of extra cabinet space against the wall right across from the kitchen to make sure you have plenty of room for all of your different kitchenware and serving ware. This is something you're not going to see in many units throughout the Optima Camelview.

In addition to having one of the largest great rooms of any one-bedroom condos at the Optima Camelview, this unit also has an extra den area that makes a great area to double as an office space. On top of that, this unit also offers and additional half bathroom for your guest.

Last but not least, I'd like to take a moment to show you guys the oversized bedroom that this condo has to offer. As you can see, this condo gets lots of natural light with the floor to ceiling windows and has its own private en-suite that features a dual vanity and a travertine tiled shower.

Now that we've finished our tour of this oversized one-bedroom, one and a half bathroom condo a the Optima Camelview, let's take a moment to tour the entire community. Throughout the tour of the Optima Camelview, you are going to be amazed by the the level of amenities that are offered to the residents. You're going to see everything from two outdoor swimming pools with two outdoor hot tubs, and indoor over-sized swimming pool with indoor basketball court and racket ball court, one of the largest private gyms of any communities in Old Town Scottsdale, as well as the community's on-site restaurant and putting green and dry cleaners.

This is truly a community that offers everything for their residents. So if you like what you've seen today and would like to learn more, either about the Optima Camelview as a whole or about this beautiful one-bedroom condo for sale at the Optima Camelview, please call or text me at 480-387-3990 or send me and email at Thanks and have a great day.

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help educate you on Scottsdale real estate

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Sept. 25, 2016

Southwest Village Real Estate Market Update - Sept 2016

Join Realtor Geoff Lilienfeld as he reviews the current real estate market in Southwest Village, a community close to Old Town Scottsdale.  Geoff reviews the current homes for sale in Southwest Village as well as homes that have recently sold in Southwest Village.

Hi, this is Geoff Lilienfeld with The Kay-Grant Group. We are Scottsdale Realtors specializing in Old Town Scottsdale, both Old Town Scottsdale homes for sale as well as Old Town Scottsdale condos.

Today we're going to take a look at the real estate market for the subdivision known as Southwest Village. We'll see that there's presently 6 total homes on the market in Southwest Village. 3 of those are 3-bedroom and 3 of those are 4-bedroom homes. The 3-bedrooms are averaging $252.72 a square foot while the 4-bedrooms are averaging $230.59 a square foot. Not too different there. That average list price of 4-bedrooms is $623,466 and for the 3-bedrooms the average list price is $526,633. Obviously the 4-bedrooms average some higher square footage.

If we come down here and let's take a look what happened in the 3rd quarter so far for Southwest Village homes being sold. We see that a total of 3 homes were sold thus far in the 3rd quarter for an average sold price of $393,000 and average square footage of 5,183 square feet. We saw 6 homes in the 2nd quarter of 2016 for an average price of $491,400 and if we look at the average price per square foot we'll see that in the 2nd quarter it was almost $272 a square foot and in the 3rd quarter it was about $239 a square foot.

If we come down here and we take a look at some of the trends we'll see that overall the prices are moving in an upward direction. In July we have this, you know, kind of outlier here at $128 a square foot and then we see the same thing, actually, in September of 2014 but overall we can definitely see that there is a trend line where the prices are moving in an upward direction. Part of that is based on fix and flip, right? A lot of investors are purchasing homes in Southwest Village, fixing them up and flipping them. Then of course we've also just seen the real estate market for Scottsdale also showing that upward trend.

If we take a look at all of Scottsdale we'll see that there is this very clear upward trend for Scottsdale. If you have any questions about Southwest Village or want to find out how your Scottsdale home is worth please give us a call. Our number is 480-387-3990 or visit our website at Thanks so much and I hope this was helpful.

View all Scottsdale homes for sale.


Sept. 22, 2016

Scottsdale Springs Condos Market Update - Sept. 2016

Scottsdale Springs is a great and affordable condo community just East of the intersection of Indian School and Miller. This community is great for first time home buyers, investors, second homes, and those looking for more affordable living in Old Town Scottsdale while building equity.

This area is seeing a lot of changes for the good as flippers continue to purchase nearby real estate and turn the properties into Luxury homes and condos.

In this video Scottsdale, AZ Realtor Geoff Lilienfeld walks you through the current units on the market in Scottsdale Springs Condos as well as the recent sales data.

You can use our site to view all Scottsdale Springs Condos for Sale as well as Old Town Scottsdale condos.



Hi, this is Geoff Lilienfeld with the Kay-Grant Group. We are Scottsdale realtors that specialize in Old Town Scottsdale, both Old Town Scottsdale homes and Old Town Scottsdale condos. Today we're going to take a look at Scottsdale Springs. Scottsdale Springs is a condo sub-division located right by the corner of Indian School and Miller. Scottsdale Springs is a decent-sized sub-division with about 250 condos in it. They all have the same floor plan. They're all 1130 square feet, two bedroom, two bath condos, with the on-suite master.

One thing that makes this particular community interesting is that they are tearing down an apartment building across Mainstreet from Scottsdale Springs, and they're putting up new luxury condos. This means that we should be able to expect the prices at Scottsdale Springs to increase over the short term. Right now we'll see that there are eight condos on the market. Again, they're all two bedroom, two bath condos at Scottsdale Springs. They're all 1130 square feet. We are seeing an average price per square foot, this is the list price, of a little over $168.

If we take a look at what sold recently, we'll see that we had one sell in August at 168. You'll note that that goes with the average list price. We had two in July average a little over 152, and we had two in June average 174. There is a little bit of variation here, and the reason for that variation is that a lot of people are purchasing these condos and remodeling them and flipping them. There's definitely a pretty decent size price gap between what these might go for. If we drill down a little bit on these active listings, we'll see that we have list prices on the low end of, let's see, we have 1,825, and then on the high end of 195,000. There's definitely some variation.

With that being said, let's take a look at the current market trends for these condos. We can see that there's a very clear upward trend line, and we would definitely expect that this trend line is going to continue to move up as they do build these luxury condos that are over a million dollars, across the street. If you have any questions about Scottsdale Springs or any of the neighboring condo communities in Old Town Scottsdale, or any Scottsdale real estate in general, please don't hesitate to give us a call: 480-387-3990. You can also email Andrea, that's my wife, and our main agent, at 480-387-3990. If you'd like to see any of the properties, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd also be happy to give you a free market analysis, so that you can understand what your house or condo is worth. You can also visit our website to see all of the houses and condos on the market at

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From our site, you can search all homes for sale in Arizona (with the exception of some homes in Tuscon) from the MLS. As opposed to sites like Zillow Scottsdale, we have direct access to the MLS so our data is always up to date.

Sept. 18, 2016

Scottsdale Estates 85251 Market Update Sept 2016

Scottsdale Estates (85251) Real Estate Market Update for September, 2016

Scottsdale Realtor Geoff Lilienfeld reviews the Scottsdale Estates real estate market for homes in the 85251 zip code.  We review active listings for homes for sale in Scottsdale Estates as well as homes that have recently sold in Scottsdale Estates.

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Sept. 17, 2016

Should I Sell My Scottsdale Home Right Now?

The Scottsdale real estate market is trending up right now. Don't take our word for it, though, Scottsdale Realtor Geoff Lilienfeld will walk you through the numbers in this latest video.


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Sept. 16, 2016

Safari Drive Market Update

If you're interested in the Safari Drive condos real estate market, this is certainly a quick video that you should watch. Scottsdale Realtor Geoff Lilienfeld explores the Safari Drive real estate market including condos presently on the market in Safari Drive as well as those recently sold.




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Sept. 14, 2016

Optima Camelview Condos Market Update

Watch our latest video where Geoff Lilienfeld, Scottsdale Realtor, analyzes the Optima Camelview Village condos in Old Town Scottsdale. At the time of this post The Kay-Grant Group has 3 Optima Camelview condos for sale.

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Sept. 12, 2016

Should I Buy a Condo?

Scottsdale Condo

My wife and I love condos, both investing in condos and living in condos.  When we take our clients out to look at purchasing condos we make sure that they're fully aware of some of the things that can make or break how happy you are with your decision that you purchased that condo.

As Scottsdale Realtors we see a lot of Scottsdale condo communities.  Whether the community is in Old Town or North Scottsdale, there are things that you want to make sure you notice when evaluating whether a condo community is a good fit.

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