Zillow Scottsdale AZ

Zillow has become a household name with thousands of people wanting to Zillow Scottsdale on a monthly basis.  What most people don't know, however, is that Zillow does not have direct access to the Arizona MLS, since Zillow is not part of the Scottsdale Realtors, which means that while Zillow can provide some information on Scottsdale homes for sale, the information is generally outdated.  This outdated data means that when you are viewing properties they are often already under contract or sold.  

Our website provides direct access to the Arizona MLS which means that you can search for Scottsdale homes for sale much like you would utilizing Zillow but with much more accurate data.  Our data is updated daily directly from ARMLS, the Arizona Regional MLS.

Use the search options on this page to search for homes directly on the MLS instead of utilizing Zillow Scottsdale.  If you would prefer we would be happy to setup a custom search for you. Simply Contact Us and we will create a custom search for you that will automatically alert you when there are new homes for sale in Scottsdale.

Don't use Zillow Scottsdale Arizona when you can have access to the actual MLS for Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the rest of Arizona. 

This holds true for Phoenix Zillow as well. Our site has direct access to ARMLS, the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing service so whether you're looking for Zillow Phoenix, AZ or Scottsdale Zillow, you're better off searching the actual MLS via this site.  

We can also setup a custom search for you.  This search will update you on a daily basis (or less frequently if you'd prefer) of all real estate that comes up for sale in Arizona (with the exception of Tuscon).  We also know the Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, and surrounding neighborhoods and help guide you where you should purchase based on your particular situation.  There are multiple different reasons for purchasing real estate: purchasing an investment property to rent as a vacation rental, purchasing an investment property to rent as a long-term rental, purchasing a second home, and buying a primary residence to live in all have very different criteria.  If you don't know the criteria you should be looking at we can assist you in understanding not only neighborhoods, but also specific subdivisions and education you on the various types of financing available.  This, of course, is much different from what you'll get out of Zillow.

As Scottsdale Realtors we are here to help.  Please take advantage of our services by calling Andrea Lilienfeld at 480-387-3990 today.