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This blog focuses on topics relevant to the Scottsdale and Phoenix metro real estate community as well as to those residing in The Valley that are interested in things to do around The Valley or the general going-ons in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

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The Kay-Grant Group is owned and managed by Geoff and Andrea Lilienfeld whom reside in Old Town Scottsdale.  We are a group of passionate real estate agents that specialize in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and all places that we call "The Valley."  We are passionate real estate professionals that bring a strong business acumen to the Phoenix and Scottsdale real estate world.

In addition to being Valley real estate agents, we are also real estate investors.  We own several investment properties in Scottsdale and love to help those that are seasoned real estate investors, or those just getting started, to search for great investment properties and calculate the numbers.  If you're just getting started we can help you understand how to target great investment opportunities.

When it comes to selling homes we are extremely aggressive and execute marketing plans for every home we list, often times including aggressive mailing campaigns to neighbors and other individuals whom the home might be of interest to.

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Nov. 30, 2018

Optima Camelview Village Market Update - November 2018

The Optima Camelview in Scottsdale, AZ has seen its recent ups and downs over the last several years in terms of market prices.  

5 Year Optima Camelview Village Price Trend

The 3rd quarter of 2018 marked the lowest average price per square foot that the Optima Camelview has seen in the last 5 years.  This is largely due to extensive remodeling occurring following the settlement between the Optima HOA and the developers.

While the price at the Optima appears to be going up in the 4th quarter of 2018, it should be noted that this is largely ue to a couple of sales of larger / remodeled condos.  These condos generally sell for a much higher price per square foot than the rest of the inventory in the Optima.

Optima Camelview Village Village Past 3 Months Sales

If we eliminate the 3 and 4 bedrooms properties we see that the prices in the Optima Camelview are showing an upward trend but not nearly as dramatic as when reviewing all sales in The Optima.

Optima Camelview Village 1 and 2 Bedroom Sales Only

It is very likely that we will see a somewhat flat price trend for the next 6 to 12 months in the Optima while the outdoor pools are rebuilt and the hallway refinishing completes.

As of the writing of this post, there were 43 Optima Camelview condos for sale on the AZ MLS.

The sales volume in the Optima Camelview is definitely looking healthy for 2018 with it on track to beat the last 3 years in terms of sales volume and possibly be the highest in 5 years.

Optima Camelview Village Sales Volume Last 5 Years

This level of sales volume is likely to continue in 2019 with the much lower prices that c ondos at the Optima can be prucahsed for.

Optima Camelview Village Pricing Past and Future

The Optima Camelview Village condos in Old Town Scottsdale has certainly had some turmoil over the recent years since the conflict began between the Optima HOA and the developers.  As discussed in a previous blog post about the Optima settlement and the impact its had on the community we expect that the price of condos in the Optima will rise in the coming 6 to 12 months as major projects are completed around the Optima.  These projects include:

  • Completely rebuilding the indoor pools, outdoor pool, and the corresponding spas
  • Refinishing of hallways
  • New water softening systems being put in
  • Dozens of other projects around The Optima!

We continue to believe that there is a buying opportunity to purchase condos at very low prices in the Optima though we, of course, have to disclose that we can't see into the future and as such this is opinion only and purchasing any real estate comes with inherent risk.

External factors likely to affect the price of the Optima Camelivew Prices

The Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall is undergoing some major renovations which are going to bring new shops and restaurants making the area an even more attractive place to own a home, especially if you're the type of really values ease and convenience and loves to walk everywhere (as most condo dwellers are).  This includes adding Ocean's 44, a Mastro's restaurant, right down the street from The Optima as well as Nobu.

If you do have any interest in purchasing or selling a condo at the Optima Camelview please Contact Us.

We work with lots of buyers and sellers in and around the Optima and Old Town Scottsdale.  We represent dozens of individuals every year with their purchases and sales of Old Town Scottsdale condos as well as other properties in The Valley.


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Sept. 10, 2018

New Hotels In Scottsdale

Scottsdale residents and guests have several new hotels to look forward to in the coming years, according to an article in the Arizona Central, with Old Town Scottsdale receiving six of the nine proposed developments. It’s been over ten years since the last Old Town Scottsdale hotel was built, which was the W Hotel, located on Camelback Road just east of Scottsdale Road. 

Randy Grant, director of planning and development services in Scottsdale, says, “There’s a confidence in the market,” which would explain the sudden increase in proposals for new hotels. 

There are a few other reasons why an increase in hotels around the Scottsdale area can be a huge benefit to the city. University of Phoenix Stadium is scheduled to host its third Super Bowl in 2023; with the Waste Management Phoenix Open held the same week, there is always a high demand for lodging in the Scottsdale area. Plus, with several of the Cactus League Spring Training Facilities in the East Valley, and the close proximity to the Loop 101 providing easy access from Scottsdale to the sports stadiums in Glendale, building hotels is not only great for our tourism economy, it is a smart investment as our city continues to grow.

Aside from Old Town Scottsdale, one hotel will be built in North Scottsdale, while the other two developments are located in South Scottsdale. In total, nine hotels are expected to provide as many as 1,300 additional rooms. The largest of these hotels is expected to be The Edition at Waterview, which will be adjected to the aforementioned W Scottsdale, and will feature 246 rooms, while the smaller of the proposed hotels will offer 125 rooms.

Since there are laws in place that don’t allow buildings in Old Town Scottsdale to be higher than 150 feet, most will be less than 100 feet. The only exception is the proposed Museum Square hotel, which is expected to be close to the maximum height.

What does this mean for Scottsdale residents?

Although only one of these proposed developments is underway, it could mean an increase in construction around the Old Town area as these hotels begin to break ground and build. With less than five years before the next Super Bowl/Phoenix Open week, there is high anticipation that the majority of these nine hotels will be completed with enough time to accommodate the thousands upon thousands of guests that make their way to our great city during this exciting time. 

Vacation Rentals Market is also Booming in Scottsdale

Scottsdale condos are being purchased very frequently for the purpose of short term / vacation rentals. This is a quickly growing industry as tourists continue to pour in for Spring Traning. As more people try out staying in vacation rentals rather than hotels, this is becoming an extremely large industry in Scottsdale.


Sept. 4, 2018

Scottsdale Shadows Q3 2018 Real Estate Market Update

Scottsdale Shadows Condo Prices Increase in Q3 of 2018

Join Geoff Lilienfeld as he reviews the prices of Scottsdale Shadows condominiums in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ.  We'll see an upward price trend which is in line with other condos in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona.

Scottsdale Shadows Condo Real Estate Market Price Update Video


Scottsdale Shadows Market Update Transcript

As we wrap up the third quarter of 2018, we're going to take a look at the Scottsdale Shadows Condominiums in Old Town Scottsdale. Scottsdale Shadows are located in Old Town Scottsdale at the corner of East Camelback Road and North Haden. Kind of right in the heart of things around Old Town but just a little bit far enough away from the entertainment district to not have a whole ton of noise. As you will see here, it does border up to Camelback Park and Scottsdale Shadows is known for having a small golf course right on property for those that are avid golfers that want to get a few holes in.

Let's start by taking a look at what's currently on the market at Scottsdale Shadows. We'll see that the various units are generally about 1200 square feet and range anywhere from about the $175,000, this one's a little lower here at $170,000, up to about 225k. One thing that's a little bit unique to Scottsdale Shadows is that it does have multiple HOAs inside of the single condo community, that's a lot of the reason that you'll see various prices all over the place. You'll also see different HOA dues, depending on the particular unit, based on the building that it's in.

Some of the buildings have recently been undergoing remodels inside of the hallways and the common areas while others have not been recently updated. One thing that you will just want to do is take a look at the various units and what the HOA fees are for each. We can see this one here is 443. If we select a different unit, so that's the 7910 building, the 7930. That one's very similar at 426 so you will want to keep an eye on those HOA fees. Of course, you can see those on our website. Every property we do list the HOA fees and when it's the frequency of paying it. That's of course available at You can just search on the Old Town Scottsdale Communities and then select Scottsdale Shadows. From that page you can also see all of the Scottsdale Shadows condominiums that are presently on the market in Old Town.

With that being said, let's take a look at some of these market trends. We're going to go back to Q1 of 2014 looking at price per square foot. We can definitely see that if you purchased a unit in Scottsdale Shadows back in 2014 you are probably happy. Scottsdale Shadows went from an average price of almost exactly $100 per square foot up to a price in Q3 of 2018 of over $180 per square foot. That means that the average price has gone up by a full 80% over the course of about four and a half years so Scottsdale Shadows is definitely alive and kicking and doing well.

It's kind of interesting here, in this first quarter of 2015 we see this massive jump from $105 per square foot up to $121 per square foot so it's kind of continued up since then. Let's take a second to just look at the counts of homes that have sold over the last five years. Definitely in 2014 places in Scottsdale Shadows were really moving, there was a lot of activity with 87 condominiums in Scottsdale Shadows being sold. 2015 a little bit less action but of course we'll see back on this graph that the price didn't go down but we do see that the price kind of remained stagnant in 2015.

Going back to 2016, we're seeing a lot more units being sold and we also see that price climbing again. 2017 is pretty similar to 2016 in terms of the number of units being sold but the price kind of maintains. Then in 2018, we're really seeing those prices go way up. The volume seems to be about on track with 2017, so we've seen 34 condos in Scottsdale Shadows close so far in 2018 and we're a little less than three-quarters of the way through. We'd expect that the volume will end up somewhere probably around 2015 or 2017's volume for 2018.

If we just want to do a quick comparison for all of 85251, that's really the Old Town Scottsdale zip code, just looking at condominiums, we'll see that Scottsdale Shadows, in general, has been a little bit more stable than the overall 85251 condo prices. Also, interestingly enough, we'll see that condo prices have been coming down in 85251 in the third quarter of 2018 whereas in Scottsdale Shadows we saw them really going up.

Now with that being said, the volume of condos sold in 2018 in that 85251 zip code which, again, is really that Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona zip code, the volume has been pretty high in 2018 thus far. I would expect that it will land a little bit higher than the volume for 2017. If you have any questions about Scottsdale Shadows or other condos around Scottsdale, Arizona, definitely please comment right on this post or feel free to use our contact form to send us an email. We're happy to answer any questions that you have as well as show you any properties or set you up on an MLS search for Scottsdale Shadows or any other condos around Scottsdale.

Call Andrea Lilienfeld to learn about other Scottsdale condos for sale at 480-387-3990.

Sept. 3, 2018

Things to Know About First Fridays

Things To Know About First Fridays

If you want to see just how vibrant a culture the city of Phoenix possesses, look no further than the monthly First Friday Art Walk, located in various locations of downtown Phoenix. Whether you’re thinking of living in the downtown Phoenix area, or are new to Phoenix and have yet to explore this amazing event, we’d like to provide you with a basic guide to making the most of First Fridays.

Where Is It Located?

Although it is dispersed throughout the downtown Phoenix area, there are two main focal points that are also the most popular amongst first-time attendees: Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue. Roosevelt Row, which is comprised of various markets, art galleries, and boutiques in between 7th Avenue and 16th street, features incredible urban living (Artisan Village) and some of the best food and crafted goods in the state.

Historic Grand Avenue features amazing displays of art which are amongst the many artist studios, museums, galleries, and performing arts. With so much to see and do, one trip through the First Fridays Art Walk may not be enough!

What Can I Find During First Fridays?

There isn’t much you can’t find during First Fridays: great food and drink, amazing music, art, history, performing arts, and so much more. Each time you visit, you’ll find something new to enjoy and love. 

How Do I Get Around?

We recommend parking in one of the many garages around downtown Phoenix, then hopping onto the convenient and complimentary Art Trolley Tour so you can enjoy everything the festival has to offer without having to spend too much time walking in between venues. If parking downtown isn’t your cup of tea, you can also park at one of the numerous Park and Ride lots conveniently located near the Light Rail. A short commute later and you’ll have continuous access to all the First Friday stops from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.

Are There Other Things To Do?

Absolutely! All of downtown Phoenix is bustling with fun and excitement during First Friday, even if it’s not apart of the festivities. Everyone around downtown Phoenix is more energized during this monthly festival, which makes even your usual weekend an even better experience. Not only is it a great place for locals, your friends and family from out of town will love First Fridays too.

How Can I Learn More About First Fridays?

The First Fridays Art Walk webpage provides everything from maps and an Event Calendar to highlighting some of the best locations to visit. You can also find additional parking lots, sign up for their newsletter, and even learn how to exhibit some art of your own by visiting their website. 

Make your next visit to First Fridays a memorable one!


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Aug. 29, 2018

Local Real Estate Group Gives ASU Student $1,000 Towards Tuition

Fall 2018 Scholarship Winner

Erica Phomsavanh won The Kay-Grant Group’s recently created semi-annual scholarship based on the YouTube video she created and shared. Erica is a going into her Junior year at ASU majoring in Computer Science with an Emphasis in Software Engineering. You can see Erica’s video on YouTube

This is a semi-annual scholarship awarded to a lucky student each fall and spring semester that are interested in technology, entrepreneurship, or real estate.  

“With all the applications we receive, these decisions are always incredibly difficult,” Geoff Lilienfeld, co-owner and founder of The Kay-Grant Group said. “However, Erica’s submission really wowed and impressed us. She is definitely a worthy recipient.” 

Erica is an exceptional Arizona State University student and her commitment to education earned her a $1,000 scholarship towards her upcoming semester’s tuition. The Kay-Grant Group scholarship was founded to help those interested in a future in real estate, technology, or entrepreneurship reach their full potentials through education.  

“This is one of the most fulfilling things we do all year,” Geoff Lilienfeld continued. “Helping out college students is a great way for us to give back to the community that has embraced us so wholeheartedly. My wife and I strongly believe in helping individuals while they’re young to get both formal education and hands-on experience. We were fortunate to have had those opportunities and we want to make sure that others do as well.” 

For those of you who are interested in earning this scholarship, applications are being excepted for the Spring 2019 semester.  For more information on how to apply to receive The Kay-Grant Group scholarship as well as deadlines, visit the Kay-Grant Group Business, Technology, and Real Estate Scholarship Page

While there is no requirement to live or attend school in the Phoenix, AZ metro area, in this instance, it was clearly awarded to someone attending school locally. 

The Kay-Grant Group is a real estate group that focuses on Valley real estate most specifically in Phoenix, Tempe, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale, AZ. The owners, Geoff and Andrea Lilienfeld, are entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts. Geoff and Andrea own real estate investment properties in the Old Town Scottsdale area and personally reside in a condo in the Optima Camelview

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Aug. 28, 2018

Making The Valley A Better Place: Scottsdale

Making The Valley A Better Place: Scottsdale

As residents of Scottsdale, we take immense pride in our city's sense of community and the willingness to help others in need. One of the most profound ways people can bring smiles to other's faces is through volunteering your service to one of the many non-profit organizations across the City of Scottsdale. Volunteering is not only great for bringing the community together, it has also shown an increase in happiness and well-being for the volunteer too! Here are a few of our favorite organizations working to make Scottsdale one of the best cities to live.


City of Scottsdale:

With its many programs needing volunteers, the City of Scottsdale Volunteer Program is a great place for anyone interested in helping our residents in need get started on the right foot. The list of programs is incredibly comprehensive, and includes: 

Providing company for our home-bound seniors.

Removing litter from streets and roadways.

Assisting job-seekers at the Career Center.

Sharing your love of Scottsdale as a downtown Ambassador.

Sorting donations at the Food Bank.

Assist with story times or organize shelves in the Library. 

Help your neighbors with home maintenance and repairs

And so many more.

Visit their website, and you’ll find a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities, as well as the emails of program coordinators and phone numbers.


Foothills Animal Rescue:

One of the most popular volunteer opportunities for teenagers and young adults is providing care for rescue pets, and Foothills Animal Rescue is a great place to help their furry friends grow into socially-adept pets that are ready for adoption. Here are some of the ways volunteers can help at Foothills Animal Rescue:

Cat lovers will be able to clean their rooms, feed the cats, and socialize with them.

Dogs and puppies love to play and walk, which you can help them with, along with feeding them.

There are also opportunities for households to foster animals, preparing them for life in their next home!

Other volunteer services include front desk assistance, dog grooming and bathing, and much more.

You can find more information on the Opportunities page, including contact information:

Note: You must be 16 or older to volunteer without a parent’s permission.


Face In The Mirror:

Our residents in Scottsdale and all over the Valley who battle cancer can suffer so much more than their symptoms, and Face in the Mirror’s mission is to help cancer patients look better and feel better. This non-profit was founded Barbara MacLean, who lost her sister to cancer in 2001, and offers some of the following services free of charge:

Botanical-based beauty products

Essential touch, facials, and massage

Wigs, hats and scarves

A personal mirror to improve self-esteem with each look at themselves

For 2018, they are working to extend their services to veterans and the homeless. More information to volunteer can be found on their Facebook page and on Volunteer Match.


By working as a community, we have the ability to change lives for the better in Scottsdale and all over the Phoenix-area. 


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Aug. 23, 2018

Simple Solution to Clean Drains

Few things can be more frustrating than prepping dinner or cleaning your kitchen only to have a clogged drain ruin your day. As hard as we can try, it can be tedious to constantly remember to remove all the grease from a pan or plate before placing it in the sink. Even with a sink full of hot, soapy water, more often than not grease and particles can end up going down the drain; over time, those particles will build up and cause you to either snake the drain, call a plumber, or go through the less-than-glamorous process of cleaning the drain yourself.

We encourage all of our Phoenix and Scottsdale homeowners to take preventative measures to save yourself the potential trouble that clogged drains can cause. Thankfully, almost every Phoenix and Scottsdale home has plenty of table salt, which will do just fine. Here are the steps you can take to prevent clogged drains:

If you’ve never done this before, take about ½ cup of salt and a few tablespoons of baking soda, combine them in a measuring cup, and pour them down the drain. Wait about 20 minutes, then pour two quarts of boiling water slowly into the drain. Once a week, ½ cup of salt with two quarts of boiling water down the drain will help keep your sink pipes flowing smoothly.

Not only will this work well in your kitchen sink, it will also be highly effective in your bathroom sink and shower/bathtub drains.

By taking a few minutes a week to perform these simple tasks, the drains and water pipes in your Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona homes will thank you.


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Aug. 20, 2018

Block 23 CityScape: A Modern Marvel

Anyone who has taken a trip downtown over the last year or so has seen the block-sized development that has slowly been coming to fruition between 1st and 2nd street and Washington and Jefferson. What started as a giant hole in the ground will soon become the most impressive, multi-purpose building in the downtown Phoenix area. For those of you who live around, work around, or plan to live/work around Block 23: CityScape, we wanted to share a bit about when it will be completed, what to expect, and how the city, residents and employers around the area will benefit from its existence.

One of the most important features of the Block 23 development is the inclusion of a 55,000 square foot grocery store, the first full-service grocery store in downtown Phoenix. Fry’s Food will make it easy for downtown Phoenix residents and visitors alike to avoid the hassle of traveling to midtown in order to purchase food and other household goods. Many downtown Phoenix residents have been yearning for a convenient market within walking or light rail distance of their homes, and that dream is soon to become a reality.

Aside from the grocery store, Block 23 will also feature over 300 apartment units, and a wide array of restaurant, office, and retail space available to businesses looking to set up in downtown Phoenix. With Phoenix being one of the most rapidly growing metropolitan cities in the country, a multi-use building like this has been long overdue.

Parking will not be an issue for downtown Phoenix visitors and residents thanks to the incredible parking structure being developed. Three underground levels will give residents inside Block 23 plenty of parking space, while retail and office guests will have the ability to park in the four levels above ground. 

Construction began in April 2017 and is scheduled to be complete sometime in 2019. While we all wait for this incredible development to finish construction, there is still plenty to love about CityScape. Many residents of 44 Monroe and Orpheum Lofts make the short commute to the incredible shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues Phase I CityScape has to offer. Once Block 23 is open and ready for business, there’s no telling how much the popularity and demand of living in downtown Phoenix will increase; downtown Phoenix homes will sell quicker and values will certainly appreciate.

For more information and to keep up on currents events of the Block 23 development, you can visit and subscribe to their newsletter. You can even view the project as it stands via webcam.


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Aug. 13, 2018

Bird Scooters in the Valley

Bird Scooters are a New Way to Get Around

The era of on-demand transportation available for rent has provided Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe residents with affordable options to get from Point A to Point B aside from the traditional vehicle, rideshare, or public transportation. However, not every transportation method is making our residents happy. In regards to Bird Scooters, a Santa Monica-based startup offering motorized scooters for rent has caused quite the controversy, especially in Scottsdale. 

How Do These Scooters Work?

Bird Scooters are utilized similar to the bike share companies in the Valley. Riders can download an app which allows them to rent the motorized scooters on a per-use basis. Once the rider is done, he can leave it wherever he wants for the next user to take a ride. At the end of every day, the scooters are picked up for charging and placed in various locations the next day. While Tempe residents have found them fun and useful, Scottsdale felt like they violated city ordinances.

Why Did Scottsdale Have A Problem?

On May 11th, 2018, the City of Scottsdale issued a Cease and Desist to Bird Scooters, claiming the motorized scooters were legally considered motorized skateboards and were not allowed to be rode on sidewalks, parking structures, public roads with a speed limit beyond 25 miles per hour, or without a helmet or driver’s license. Shortly after the Cease and Desist was issued, representatives of Bird met with the City of Scottsdale to ensure that their users of the scooters agree that they are not docked on city sidewalks or used in a fashion that could cause pedestrians and motorists trouble.

Bird Scooters are a great way to get around Old Town Scottsdale and Tempe

The bottom line is that if you live in an Old Town Scottsdale condo these can be a very fun way to get around Old Town. Whether you're on your way to grab something to eat or you're heading to work, you can grab one of those scooters and from. If you go out tailgating in Tempe before a Sun Devils game you're sure to see Bird scooters all over the place.

Lime Bike has also launched their own scooters in downtown Tempe though we haven't had a chance to try them out just yet.

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Aug. 10, 2018

Remodeling of Optima Camelview Condos

Oftentimes when I show condos in the Optima Camelview, a very popular Scottsdale condo community,  I am asked if I hear my upstairs neighbors. I can confidently say I hear them very rarely. This is partially due to the solid construction of the Optima Camelview and partially due to the rules and regulations that are strongly enforced throughout the community.

Optima’s Rules & Regulations require a Normalized Impact Sound Rating (NISR) of 45 or an Impact Sound Rating (ISR) of 45 for large rooms (living/dining rooms) and their Declaration Noise Reduction requires that, “The installation shall provide a minimum field impact insulation class rating of 45 AIIC (Apparent Impact Insulation Class).

What Do These Rules and Regulations Mean to Owners Within Optima Camelview

My husband Geoff and I just finished replacing all flooring throughout our Optima Camelview condo. We were going from having travertine in the kitchen / hallways and carpet in the livingroom / bedrooms to having porcelain tile throughout.

Optima Camelview Original Flooring

We can tell you first hand that when we learned of the community’s rules and regulations for sound ratings we knew we needed to do additional research on soundproofing products used and contractors hired to ensure we stayed compliant. These rules and regulations were going to create extra work and cost extra money to abide by but in the end we knew it was in our best interest. After all, we don’t want to hear the people above us walking around so why should the people below us want to hear our every move. As an owner in Optima Camelview, we should all be grateful these rules exist and that our property management team is diligent about ensuring that everyone abides.

How Are the Floors in Optima Camelview Tested?

As you can imagine, being that this was our first time remodeling flooring in Optima Camelview condos I was incredibly anxious to have our flooring tested and to find out if we were compliant. A couple of days after the floors were completed we hired Acoustical Consulting Services to come to our condo to test how the sound from our unit transferred to the unit directly below us.

The below pictured tapping machine was placed at the approximate center of our living room and four microphones were positioned directly beneath the tapping area, no closer than 1 meter from any major extended surface.

Optima Sound Test


We were absolutely thrilled to learn that the results demonstrated compliance with both of Optima’s isolation requirements and the Building Code. We had passed and we now have the floors of our dreams!

Optima New Flooring

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about condo living in Old Town Scottsdale, please contact Andrea Lilienfeld at 480-487-4990 or


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