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When it comes to selling homes we are extremely aggressive and execute marketing plans for every home we list, often times including aggressive mailing campaigns to neighbors and other individuals whom the home might be of interest to.

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Aug. 13, 2018

Bird Scooters in the Valley

Bird Scooters are a New Way to Get Around

The era of on-demand transportation available for rent has provided Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe residents with affordable options to get from Point A to Point B aside from the traditional vehicle, rideshare, or public transportation. However, not every transportation method is making our residents happy. In regards to Bird Scooters, a Santa Monica-based startup offering motorized scooters for rent has caused quite the controversy, especially in Scottsdale. 

How Do These Scooters Work?

Bird Scooters are utilized similar to the bike share companies in the Valley. Riders can download an app which allows them to rent the motorized scooters on a per-use basis. Once the rider is done, he can leave it wherever he wants for the next user to take a ride. At the end of every day, the scooters are picked up for charging and placed in various locations the next day. While Tempe residents have found them fun and useful, Scottsdale felt like they violated city ordinances.

Why Did Scottsdale Have A Problem?

On May 11th, 2018, the City of Scottsdale issued a Cease and Desist to Bird Scooters, claiming the motorized scooters were legally considered motorized skateboards and were not allowed to be rode on sidewalks, parking structures, public roads with a speed limit beyond 25 miles per hour, or without a helmet or driver’s license. Shortly after the Cease and Desist was issued, representatives of Bird met with the City of Scottsdale to ensure that their users of the scooters agree that they are not docked on city sidewalks or used in a fashion that could cause pedestrians and motorists trouble.

Bird Scooters are a great way to get around Old Town Scottsdale and Tempe

The bottom line is that if you live in an Old Town Scottsdale condo these can be a very fun way to get around Old Town. Whether you're on your way to grab something to eat or you're heading to work, you can grab one of those scooters and from. If you go out tailgating in Tempe before a Sun Devils game you're sure to see Bird scooters all over the place.

Lime Bike has also launched their own scooters in downtown Tempe though we haven't had a chance to try them out just yet.

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Aug. 10, 2018

Remodeling of Optima Camelview Condos

Oftentimes when I show condos in the Optima Camelview, a very popular Scottsdale condo community,  I am asked if I hear my upstairs neighbors. I can confidently say I hear them very rarely. This is partially due to the solid construction of the Optima Camelview and partially due to the rules and regulations that are strongly enforced throughout the community.

Optima’s Rules & Regulations require a Normalized Impact Sound Rating (NISR) of 45 or an Impact Sound Rating (ISR) of 45 for large rooms (living/dining rooms) and their Declaration Noise Reduction requires that, “The installation shall provide a minimum field impact insulation class rating of 45 AIIC (Apparent Impact Insulation Class).

What Do These Rules and Regulations Mean to Owners Within Optima Camelview

My husband Geoff and I just finished replacing all flooring throughout our Optima Camelview condo. We were going from having travertine in the kitchen / hallways and carpet in the livingroom / bedrooms to having porcelain tile throughout.

Optima Camelview Original Flooring

We can tell you first hand that when we learned of the community’s rules and regulations for sound ratings we knew we needed to do additional research on soundproofing products used and contractors hired to ensure we stayed compliant. These rules and regulations were going to create extra work and cost extra money to abide by but in the end we knew it was in our best interest. After all, we don’t want to hear the people above us walking around so why should the people below us want to hear our every move. As an owner in Optima Camelview, we should all be grateful these rules exist and that our property management team is diligent about ensuring that everyone abides.

How Are the Floors in Optima Camelview Tested?

As you can imagine, being that this was our first time remodeling flooring in Optima Camelview condos I was incredibly anxious to have our flooring tested and to find out if we were compliant. A couple of days after the floors were completed we hired Acoustical Consulting Services to come to our condo to test how the sound from our unit transferred to the unit directly below us.

The below pictured tapping machine was placed at the approximate center of our living room and four microphones were positioned directly beneath the tapping area, no closer than 1 meter from any major extended surface.

Optima Sound Test


We were absolutely thrilled to learn that the results demonstrated compliance with both of Optima’s isolation requirements and the Building Code. We had passed and we now have the floors of our dreams!

Optima New Flooring

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about condo living in Old Town Scottsdale, please contact Andrea Lilienfeld at 480-487-4990 or


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Aug. 9, 2018

August 8, 2018 Haboob Hits Optima Camelview

Living in Arizona we have all heard about the impact a haboob can have on a person’s home, landscaping, etc. However, living in the Optima Camelview in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale we often feel like we are protected from the possible impact associated with monsoon season and the high winds that come with it.

On August 8, 2018 this view of Optima Camelview residence changed.  At a little before 8:00 PM my husband Geoff and I noticed that the sky was becoming dark, winds were starting to pick-up, and it smelled like rain.  By 8:15PM the rain was coming down in sheets and we could see that the strong gusts of wind were going to have a significant impact on the landscaping throughout the Optima Camelview.  It was shortly after the rain started that we noticed that one of the trees proudly planted on a 5th floor patio had blown over.

Optima Camelview 5th Floor Tree Uprooted


Morning After The Storm

The landscaping throughout the Optima Camelview has always been one of the main characteristics that draws people to the community.  Knowing this my husband and I were anxious to walk the community the morning after the storm to see what the level of damage was.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that the storm’s force had been contained to a small portion of the community.  There were several trees that had been uprooted or snapped off throughout the north portion of the community, however, the rest of the community’s plants seemed to have weathered the storm with very little damage.  Below are a few pictures we took on our morning exploratory walk.

Optima Camelview Tree Level 1


Optima Tree Down

Clean-Up Efforts

All residents should be very proud of the way the HOA, Property Management, and the community's landscapers responded to the impacts of the storm.  By 7:00AM the morning after the storm Greenlife Landscape Design already had their crew dispatched to the Optima Camelview and everyone including the owner was hard at work.

Optima Camelview Clean-Up

Optima Landscapers

Want to learn more about the Optima or other properties in Phoenix / Scottsdale?  Call or text Andrea at 480-387-3990. 



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July 24, 2018

Downtown Phoenix Cocktail Lounges

Some top places to grab a craft cocktail in downtown Phoenix

Whether you’re living in or visiting downtown Phoenix, there’s always so much to do. From great restaurants to amazing entertainment and sporting events, there’s never a dull moment in the heart of Phoenix. When the sun sets, Phoenix is home to some of the best nightlife you’ll find, and one of the things we love about the downtown Phoenix experience are the fun, laid-back lounges, some of them you may have not even heard of. The next time you find yourself downtown and looking for a fun, relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a late-night cocktail, check out one or a few of our favorite lounges.

Melinda's Alley

You won’t find any signs pointing to this underground lounge, only a red light in an alley just north of Adams street. And the red light is only lit from 9pm-1am on Fridays and Saturdays. Those who enter Melinda’s Alley are treated to a red-lit, speakeasy-themed lounge, complete with antique-style sofas and chairs. The vibe is always relaxed, with an amazing sound system playing 70s classics most of the evening, and the drinks are phenomenal. Don’t be off-put by the selection of drinks; although there are only five to choose from, each drink is made with the finest ingredients by two knowledgeable bartenders, so you’ll have no problem finding a favorite cocktail. The Renaissance Hotel has operated Melinda’s Alley for over two years, and you can be sure to see a line at the door for the last two hours every Friday and Saturday. 

Valley Bar

Less than a block away from Melinda’s Alley, you’ll find another favorite of ours: Valley Bar. Opened in 2015, there is so much to love about this cocktail lounge. An underground bar featuring a wide variety of delicious food, great cocktails along with a fantastic selection of wine and beer, and a chill vibe to make this one of the coolest places you can visit downtown. For those who enjoy games, they have more than your average lounge: two billiards tables, shuffleboard, skee-ball, darts, and others! Valley Bar is also a great place to catch an incredible show in a smaller, more intimate venue. The Music Hall has a capacity of 250 and showcases everything from concerts and films to spoken word and stand-up comedy. Most importantly, the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, making this lounge one of the best in downtown Phoenix.

Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour

The irony that one of the finest cocktail lounges in the Valley is located in the same building that was once the Arizona Prohibition Headquarters. The Luhrs Building on Central and Jefferson is one of the few remaining original Phoenix skyscrapers and its sensibilities of craftsmanship are carried on inside the hip and stylish Bitter & Twisted. It’s one of the most exclusive cocktail lounges you’ll find anywhere; while reservations are taken during the week, the weekends are on a space-available basis. However, if you’re able to experience this amazing lounge, we highly suggest you take advantage. Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour features an award-winning list of cocktails prepared by the best mixologists in the city coupled with some of the best food you’ll find in a lounge make this an incredible nightlife experience.

Any others?

Comment below with your favorite places to grab a cocktail in downtown Phoenix!

July 20, 2018

Are You Ready for the AZ Monsoon Season?

Preparing for the AZ Monsoon Season

One of the reasons Phoenix and Scottsdale are so popular amongst its residents is the almost year-round sunshine, even if it does get a little toasty in the summer months. However, during the months of July and August, the monsoon season can often bring incredibly strong thunderstorms and dust storms that can make your commute and home life difficult. Here are a few of our best tips for being prepared for the monsoon storms and the challenges they bring for desert dwellers.

1. Buy Umbrellas!

We know, they probably won’t come in handy most of the year. But when the rain comes in sideways in the ten minutes between parking by your office building and entering your workspace, they’re worth their weight in gold. Even a small, $10 umbrella you find at Walgreens or Amazon will fit in the door compartment in most cars and can save your hair and clothes from a soaking. Always better to be prepared.

2. Stay Informed

One of the most frustrating aspects of Monsoon storms is how quickly they seem to spring from the sky. Thanks to technology, we now have the capability of setting up notifications on our phones or office computer to let us know when a cell is developing and within close proximity of your home or office. Taking these precautions will keep you well-informed whenever the weather takes a sudden turn before you hit the road.

3. Have Backup Power/Light Handy

The monsoon season is the most common season for Phoenix residents to experience power outages, and you want to be prepared. Flashlights and candles still come in very handy, as well as a fully-charged power bank for you and your families cell phones and tablets. Sure, a board game is still a fun activity to do in candlelight, but this is 2018; plan accordingly.

4. Remove Potential Hazards From Your Yard

Landscaping in the summer months may not be an appealing chore, but it sure beats having a branch from your Mesquite tree snap and create a hole in your roof or car. Make sure to trim up and properly store anything that may cause severe damage to your home or property when the winds and rain kick up.

5. Play It Safe When the Storms Hit

Thunderstorms against a desert background can be a beautiful sight to see, but it's important to keep yourself and your family safe. While the patio is a great viewpoint, it doesn't offer much in protection against potential hazards. Staying indoors during a storm is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the lightning and sky show.

The monsoon season brings plenty of benefits to the desert: rainwater, lower temperatures, and incredible sunsets with rainbows (always a great combination if you get to see one). Taking a few simple measures will ensure this and future monsoon seasons don't become a bummer.

Do you have any tips for protecting your Phoenix or Scottsdale real estate? Comment below!


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July 9, 2018

Rumored Optima Camelview Lawsuit

Informal Information on the Rumored Optima Camelview Lawsuit with the Developer

I would like to be very clear that we do not have any firsthand knowledge on the rumored legal proceedings between the Optima Camelview HOA and the developers of the Optima Camelview.  The information below is strictly based on hearsay and what we learned from being involved in several transactions from the Optima Camelview in Old Town Scottsdale.

Was the Optima Camelview Village involved in a lawsuit with the developer?

It is our understanding that the disagreements between the Optima Camelview and the developer (David Hovey) never actually resulted in any litigation.  The compensation for the alleged defects was amicably agreed upon between the Optima Camelview Home Owners' Association and the company that insured the Optima developers.

Was the value of the condos in the Optima Camelview effected by the proceedings?

During the time that there was concern of litigation at the Optima, the average price per square foot in the Optima was reduced.  While we can't say for sure the reason for this decline, there a few items that often lead to reduced condo sales prices while there is pending or active litigation in a condominium community in Arizona.  These reasons include:

  • Lending - When the HOA management office completes the condo questionnaire required in Arizona there is a point at which they must disclose there is pending litigation.  This can cause banks and mortgage brokers to not want to lend money while the outcome is determined
  • Fear of special assessments - When it is believed that there are defects within a condo community people are often concerned that those defects will need to be fixed via a special assessment
  • Self-fulfilling prophecy - Homeowners are often afraid that their property values are going to go down and as such decide to sell their condos.  This, of course, leads to reduced sales prices as the inventory is high.
  • Fear of the unknown - Potential buyers are generally scared of purchasing into anything that may result in them have any sort of role in litigation

How much was the Optima Camelview Lawsuit Settlement for?

The amount of the settlement was not disclosed by the Optima HOA as part of the agreement between the HOA and the insurance company was a non-disclosure agreement.

Home prices went up after the Optima Camelview's pending legal matters and then dipped again...

As can be expected, once word got out that all matters had been resolved and that the Optima now had a big chunk of money from the insurance company, the Optima property values increased.  What's more interesting, however, is that shortly after the renovations that the money was awarded to complete started.  Shortly thereafter we saw property values begin to decrease again.  At the time of this writing, we are still seeing this.  There are tons of renovations going on around the Optima (both repairs of defects as well as general upkeep) that seem to be scaring away some people.  

Optima Camelview Lawsuit Home Value Impact

Possibly a great time to buy at The Optima

To summarize the above:

  • The threat of litigation over defects lead to prices at the Optima Camelview to fall
  • The HOA and the developer's insurance company settled and The Optima got a big chunk of money
  • The HOA is now using that money to make the Optima even nicer and more updated
  • Because these projects are occurring prices are dropping again while things are "under construction"

Here's what the old hallways look like (about 25% have been remodeled so far)

Old Optima Hallyway

Here's what the new hallways look like once they're complete:

Residents have to live with a construction zone for a little while but it's well worth it!  While some of the hallway repairs were paid for by the settlement, some of it is simply a refresh.

Here's what the indoor pool looks like right now...eek.

Optima Indoor Pool Under Construction

But guess what?  It'll all be brand new when it's done!

You have to come to your own conclusion about how long before the Optima prices go back up

While we can't say for sure that properties will go back up, it is pretty reasonable to believe that it's likely that the Optima will be that much of a nicer place once all of these improvements are made.

Many of the improvements happening right now in the Optima Camelview Village are also due to things being 10 years old and the Optima just wanting to keep things looking good.  A great example of this is the hallway refreshes that are currently occurring.

What do you think about Optima Lawsuit stuff?  Comment below!

Want to learn more about the Optima or other properties in Phoenix / Scottsdale?  Call or text Andrea at 480-387-3990 or fill out our 


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July 9, 2018

Escape the Heat in Sedona

Summer Day Trip Getaways: Sedona

Whether you live in the Valley or are considering a move here, the intense heat of the summer can be a hindrance to enjoying the city from June-August. The great thing about living in Scottsdale or Phoenix is the proximity to higher elevation areas with milder temperatures and plenty of activities, both indoor and outdoor. Sedona, Arizona is one of our favorite day trip getaways, and we will share our reasons why.

A two-hour drive from downtown Phoenix or two and a half hours from Old Town Scottsdale, Sedona offers beautiful rock butte views, pine tree forests and a vibrant culture that visitors love to experience. Aside from the aesthetic beauty of Sedona, there is plenty to do, and with an average temperature that’s 15 degrees cooler than Phoenix, you won’t find yourself exhausted at day’s end.

Whether you’re by yourself, with a spouse or significant other, or bringing the whole family, there are several activities to enjoy during your day trip. Sedona is well known for its hiking trails, and with the cooler temperatures, you won’t feel pressed to finish before the sun gets too intense as you would in the Valley. Some favorite hiking trails in the area are West Fork Trail, Cathedral/Templeton Trail, and Fay Canyon Trail. Full of stunning red rock walls, flowing bodies of water (hard to find those in Phoenix), and beautiful forests, you’ll have a blast exploring these hikes solo or with a group.

For the couples looking for a great day trip destination, Sedona is home to some of the best wineries in all of Arizona. With its higher elevation and rich soil, northern Arizona is the perfect location for vineyards and making some incredible wine. In order to maximize your day trip we recommend taking a wine tasting tour, like those offered by Sedona Wine Adventures. This can save you the time and hassle of figuring out which wineries to visit. This way, a tour guide takes you around to some of the best in northern Arizona, and offers you the opportunity to visit your favorites again on your next day trip!

Unless you have a pressing need to return to Phoenix before it gets dark, we highly recommend staying to catch a view of the amazing night skies Sedona has to offer. The ability to see stars in Sedona is thanks to its designation as a Dark Sky Community, which it earned in 2014. Living in a big city like Phoenix, it’s easy to forget that there are countless stars that shine throughout the evening, and Sedona is a great location to experience those twinkles in the sky. There are options for stargazing tours in Sedona, but you could easily park in a dark area, look up, and enjoy the show.

The next time you’re feeling like the summer heat is too much, give a day trip to Sedona a try. We are certain you’ll love the weather, the scenery, and everything else in this incredible section of Arizona!



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July 7, 2018

Phoenix Museum of Art Restaurants

One of the coolest places you can visit in the Valley is the Phoenix Museum of Art. On a recent trip to the museum, we got to thinking about how cool and exciting life in the midtown Phoenix area can be. Down the block from the museum sits one of the architectural marvels in the state, the Chateau on Central. If you decide to live around this area, or plan on visiting this area, it is not only a great neighborhood for the arts, there is also some fantastic restaurants within walking distance to the museum. Here are our top three choices for dining around the Phoenix Museum of Art.


Opened in 1994, Oven+Vine features some of the best Italian fare, beer, and wine you’ll find in the Midtown district. Between their delectable flatbreads and pasta dishes, to their selection of wines ranging in location from Northern Arizona to Italy, not to mention its laidback, charming atmosphere, it’s tough not to love this amazing restaurant. A great place for lunch and dinner after exploring the arts around the area.

Hob Nobs Food and Spirits

Located on the block adjacent to the Phoenix Museum of Art is Hob Nobs, this is our favorite choice for an afternoon lunch with friends. The sandwiches and salads are amazing, as well as the cocktails. If the main menu is a little too intimidating for the young ones, they also offer a kid’s menu! If you didn’t see enough art at the museum, Hob Nobs also exhibits various art, all from local artists. This is even better than the museum since the art on display is for sale if you see something you love.

Clever Koi-Phoenix

Stylish, contemporary, unique, and not overly expensive, Clever Koi is an ideal local bistro for an evening after exploring the arts. Located near Crystal Point condos, this Pan-Asian style bistro has won several awards, including Best Ramen Shop, Best Happy Hour, and Best Cocktail Bar in Central Phoenix by Phoenix New Times, and it has earned every accolade it has received. Their Pad Thai is exquisite, as well as their steamed buns and duck curry. While they do have a great happy hour, the restaurant is best enjoyed at night in the ambiance of the dining room. A true treasure in Midtown Phoenix.

Exploring the Phoenix Museum of Art is just one of many places to enjoy in the Midtown area. When you visit one of the many incredible restaurants in the area, you allow the rest of your senses to marvel at the amazing culture and hospitality the residents of Phoenix are proud to share with every visitor and local.


June 11, 2018

Optima Camelview Village Scottsdale June '18 Market Update

Geoff Lilienfeld reviews the current Optima Camelview Village real estate market trends for June 2018.

If you would prefer to read the transcript, please see below:

Optima Camelivew Village Trends Analysis

We're going to take a look at the current market trends for the Optima Camelview in Old Town Scottsdale. What we see here, of course, we're looking back to the first quarter of 2014 through today. What we see here is definitely a downward trend in prices at the Optima Camelview. Let's look back here to very late 2016. In late 2016, the Optima Camelview was involved in a lawsuit with the developer. I should clarify that it never actually came to litigation. It was settled prior to any litigation. What happens here is that the price drops. We see the price going up after the settlement. Part of that is, of course, people just being uneasy, as well as sometimes that can cause an issue with writing mortgages.

Price Drops in Optima after Lawsuit Settlement work begins

We see the price go up, and it's kind of interesting what happens here. As they get the money from the developer, a whole bunch of construction starts up around the Optima Camelview. What we see is that the prices actually drop off, which is kind of funny, because essentially the prices are dropping, because so much construction is happening and the community is getting upgraded. But the prices are dropping off, because there's just noise, there's cranes around, all sorts of stuff like that, as well as the fact that a storm killed the generators, and so there are temporary generators sitting outside of the Optima. All things that are not really a big deal, but at the end of the day, there is just a reality that not everyone is okay with that.

We see these prices really drop off, which is not in line with what's happening in the rest of Old Town Scottsdale. That's pretty interesting, and in my personal opinion, this is actually creating an investment opportunity. Generally, luxury condos are not the best investment option, but in this particular scenario, I do believe that this is kind of an artificial dip and is a buying opportunity for someone looking for an investment. In fact, we purchased a condo just a couple months ago in here for this reason. It's pretty interesting how these prices are dropping. Like I said, I really think it makes an excellent investment opportunity at the Optima.

One other kind of interesting piece of information to look at is that up to today, which we're not even halfway through June yet. Today is June 9th of 2018. When we look at this, we've already sold 38 homes in 2018 in the Optima. With 38 condos having already sold, one would guess that we're on track to see a record year, in terms of the volume of condos being sold. There's definitely a lot of turnover right now. Clearly, there is people buying, which again, is always a good sign if you're interested in purchasing a condo, and want to make sure that you can sell it in the future and you're not stuck. You want to see that there's people out there buying.

Pretty interesting. I'd say overall, there's just a lot of activity happening right now in the Optima, and it's definitely an interesting community to keep an eye on. If you have any questions, want to know more about the Optima, the market here, or any other condos around Scottsdale, or any homes in Scottsdale in general, please feel free to reach out. You can call or text my wife Andrea. Her number is (480) 387-3990, or you can email her at

If you're interested in learning more about the Optima Camelview or Scottsdale Condos, please give Andrea Lilienfeld a call at (480)-387-3990.

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May 4, 2018

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Realtor in Scottsdale

Planning a move to the Scottsdale area? Dreading the process of combing through the vast amounts of available real estate agents to hire to make sure that you find the perfect house or condo in Scottsdale, AZ?

Between the countless yard signs, billboards, online advertisements, direct-mail flyers, and door hangers, it can feel like an impossible task to know how to pick the agent who is best suited for your needs.

Preparing to buy a home can feel stressful as you weigh all your options. Choosing an agent who is communicative, accommodating, and industry-savvy can make all the difference between an enjoyable home buying experience or a complete headache.

Here are four tips to help you choose the best realtor in Scottsdale.

1. Find a Full-Time Agent

You’ll be spending a lot of time with your realtor in the coming weeks. Knowing they are always available to help gives you the peace of mind necessary to know your needs will be met.

If you have a question, you won’t want an agent who can’t get back to you until after they are finished at their other job. Ensure the realtor you hire can give you their full attention and is available to you via phone and email whenever necessary.

2. Check Their Experience Level

Ask potential agents how long they have been in business. Ideally, you will want to hire an agent with at least three years of experience. This provides more assurance that you’re working with someone who has the understanding and skills needed to help you.

You can also look up customer reviews on the agent to see what other people are saying about them. If you can find very few reviews or multiple negative comments, it may be better to move on to the next candidate.

3. Make Sure They Have the Necessary Connections

Your agent will be there with you throughout the entire processing of buying your new home. There are many steps that involve numerous people who all have different roles.

Make sure your agent has a network of individuals ranging from lenders and lawyers to contractors and interior designers. These previously made relationships will keep things running smoothly and prevent you from having to search for these people yourself.

4. Hire Someone Who Is Local

Having a long-distance relationship can be difficult for a dating couple and it can be just as complicated to have a long-distance relationship with a real estate agent. Finding a local realtor is key to having a strong business relationship during your home buying process. You want someone who is aware of your market and knows how to find what you’re looking for.

A reliable agent will be aware of other homes that have recently sold in the area. They’ll know details surrounding similar properties and their sales prices. You can also ask them questions about the local entertainment, restaurants, and nightlife.

The Kay-Grant Group only employs full-time and professional agents.  Andrea will work with you every step of the way and include team members when appropriate that are experts in their particular area.  

If you are planning a move to Scottsdale or one of the surrounding areas, please contact us to learn more. For additional details about what we can do for you be sure to check out

Andrea's specialties include Scottsdale and Andrea works with dozens of clients especially around the Old Town Scottsdale area including Old Town Scottsdale AZ Condos and houses.  Andrea is one of very few Realtors that assists with multiple transactions in the Optima in Old Town Scottsdale every year.