Few things can be more frustrating than prepping dinner or cleaning your kitchen only to have a clogged drain ruin your day. As hard as we can try, it can be tedious to constantly remember to remove all the grease from a pan or plate before placing it in the sink. Even with a sink full of hot, soapy water, more often than not grease and particles can end up going down the drain; over time, those particles will build up and cause you to either snake the drain, call a plumber, or go through the less-than-glamorous process of cleaning the drain yourself.

We encourage all of our Phoenix and Scottsdale homeowners to take preventative measures to save yourself the potential trouble that clogged drains can cause. Thankfully, almost every Phoenix and Scottsdale home has plenty of table salt, which will do just fine. Here are the steps you can take to prevent clogged drains:

If you’ve never done this before, take about ½ cup of salt and a few tablespoons of baking soda, combine them in a measuring cup, and pour them down the drain. Wait about 20 minutes, then pour two quarts of boiling water slowly into the drain. Once a week, ½ cup of salt with two quarts of boiling water down the drain will help keep your sink pipes flowing smoothly.

Not only will this work well in your kitchen sink, it will also be highly effective in your bathroom sink and shower/bathtub drains.

By taking a few minutes a week to perform these simple tasks, the drains and water pipes in your Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona homes will thank you.