Pua Seyfert


Pua has never met a stranger and will always greet you with a warm Hawaiian welcome! 


Pua grew up in a family of five in Hawaii, where the cost of living and competitive real estate market made it nearly impossible for her parents to purchase a home, causing her to start dreaming at an early age of homeownership for herself and her extended family. 


In 2007 Pua, at only 27 years old, made her dream a reality and purchased a new build townhouse in Phoenix on her own. Besides having her son, buying her first home is one of her proudest moments. She can still vividly remember the feeling she had when sitting in the middle of the empty living room, crying, holding her new home keys. Since then, she has always had the drive to give her family, friends, and clients the same feeling. 


Pua’s passion for assisting everyone she meets to experience homeownership has led her to spend years perfecting her craft and ensuring she knows all the possible avenues available to make their dreams come true. 


Since 2020 she has completed the “13 Different Creative Ways To Buy and Sell Real Estate”, was accepted in the Big Dog Network in Tx (one of the largest investor groups in the nation), and purchased 11 properties with her business partners. 


Pua’s personal experience and extensive training have made her one of the most knowledgeable in the industry regarding creative financing solutions. If there is a way or a will, Pua will make homeownership a reality for her clients and friends/family. 


The Hawaiian culture is engraved in Pua, and because of this, she will always have the highest level of commitment to her family. Nothing warms her heart like watching her son play soccer, learn new things, and step out of his comfort zone. Every opinion he has is just as important as hers or her husband’s, and she learns from him daily.