Making The Valley A Better Place: Scottsdale

As residents of Scottsdale, we take immense pride in our city's sense of community and the willingness to help others in need. One of the most profound ways people can bring smiles to other's faces is through volunteering your service to one of the many non-profit organizations across the City of Scottsdale. Volunteering is not only great for bringing the community together, it has also shown an increase in happiness and well-being for the volunteer too! Here are a few of our favorite organizations working to make Scottsdale one of the best cities to live.


City of Scottsdale:

With its many programs needing volunteers, the City of Scottsdale Volunteer Program is a great place for anyone interested in helping our residents in need get started on the right foot. The list of programs is incredibly comprehensive, and includes: 

Providing company for our home-bound seniors.

Removing litter from streets and roadways.

Assisting job-seekers at the Career Center.

Sharing your love of Scottsdale as a downtown Ambassador.

Sorting donations at the Food Bank.

Assist with story times or organize shelves in the Library. 

Help your neighbors with home maintenance and repairs

And so many more.

Visit their website, and you’ll find a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities, as well as the emails of program coordinators and phone numbers.


Foothills Animal Rescue:

One of the most popular volunteer opportunities for teenagers and young adults is providing care for rescue pets, and Foothills Animal Rescue is a great place to help their furry friends grow into socially-adept pets that are ready for adoption. Here are some of the ways volunteers can help at Foothills Animal Rescue:

Cat lovers will be able to clean their rooms, feed the cats, and socialize with them.

Dogs and puppies love to play and walk, which you can help them with, along with feeding them.

There are also opportunities for households to foster animals, preparing them for life in their next home!

Other volunteer services include front desk assistance, dog grooming and bathing, and much more.

You can find more information on the Opportunities page, including contact information:

Note: You must be 16 or older to volunteer without a parent’s permission.


Face In The Mirror:

Our residents in Scottsdale and all over the Valley who battle cancer can suffer so much more than their symptoms, and Face in the Mirror’s mission is to help cancer patients look better and feel better. This non-profit was founded Barbara MacLean, who lost her sister to cancer in 2001, and offers some of the following services free of charge:

Botanical-based beauty products

Essential touch, facials, and massage

Wigs, hats and scarves

A personal mirror to improve self-esteem with each look at themselves

For 2018, they are working to extend their services to veterans and the homeless. More information to volunteer can be found on their Facebook page and on Volunteer Match.


By working as a community, we have the ability to change lives for the better in Scottsdale and all over the Phoenix-area.