Things To Know About First Fridays

If you want to see just how vibrant a culture the city of Phoenix possesses, look no further than the monthly First Friday Art Walk, located in various locations of downtown Phoenix. Whether you’re thinking of living in the downtown Phoenix area, or are new to Phoenix and have yet to explore this amazing event, we’d like to provide you with a basic guide to making the most of First Fridays.

Where Is It Located?

Although it is dispersed throughout the downtown Phoenix area, there are two main focal points that are also the most popular amongst first-time attendees: Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue. Roosevelt Row, which is comprised of various markets, art galleries, and boutiques in between 7th Avenue and 16th street, features incredible urban living (Artisan Village) and some of the best food and crafted goods in the state.

Historic Grand Avenue features amazing displays of art which are amongst the many artist studios, museums, galleries, and performing arts. With so much to see and do, one trip through the First Fridays Art Walk may not be enough!

What Can I Find During First Fridays?

There isn’t much you can’t find during First Fridays: great food and drink, amazing music, art, history, performing arts, and so much more. Each time you visit, you’ll find something new to enjoy and love. 

How Do I Get Around?

We recommend parking in one of the many garages around downtown Phoenix, then hopping onto the convenient and complimentary Art Trolley Tour so you can enjoy everything the festival has to offer without having to spend too much time walking in between venues. If parking downtown isn’t your cup of tea, you can also park at one of the numerous Park and Ride lots conveniently located near the Light Rail. A short commute later and you’ll have continuous access to all the First Friday stops from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.

Are There Other Things To Do?

Absolutely! All of downtown Phoenix is bustling with fun and excitement during First Friday, even if it’s not apart of the festivities. Everyone around downtown Phoenix is more energized during this monthly festival, which makes even your usual weekend an even better experience. Not only is it a great place for locals, your friends and family from out of town will love First Fridays too.

How Can I Learn More About First Fridays?

The First Fridays Art Walk webpage provides everything from maps and an Event Calendar to highlighting some of the best locations to visit. You can also find additional parking lots, sign up for their newsletter, and even learn how to exhibit some art of your own by visiting their website. 

Make your next visit to First Fridays a memorable one!