Anyone who has taken a trip downtown over the last year or so has seen the block-sized development that has slowly been coming to fruition between 1st and 2nd street and Washington and Jefferson. What started as a giant hole in the ground will soon become the most impressive, multi-purpose building in the downtown Phoenix area. For those of you who live around, work around, or plan to live/work around Block 23: CityScape, we wanted to share a bit about when it will be completed, what to expect, and how the city, residents and employers around the area will benefit from its existence.

One of the most important features of the Block 23 development is the inclusion of a 55,000 square foot grocery store, the first full-service grocery store in downtown Phoenix. Fry’s Food will make it easy for downtown Phoenix residents and visitors alike to avoid the hassle of traveling to midtown in order to purchase food and other household goods. Many downtown Phoenix residents have been yearning for a convenient market within walking or light rail distance of their homes, and that dream is soon to become a reality.

Aside from the grocery store, Block 23 will also feature over 300 apartment units, and a wide array of restaurant, office, and retail space available to businesses looking to set up in downtown Phoenix. With Phoenix being one of the most rapidly growing metropolitan cities in the country, a multi-use building like this has been long overdue.

Parking will not be an issue for downtown Phoenix visitors and residents thanks to the incredible parking structure being developed. Three underground levels will give residents inside Block 23 plenty of parking space, while retail and office guests will have the ability to park in the four levels above ground. 

Construction began in April 2017 and is scheduled to be complete sometime in 2019. While we all wait for this incredible development to finish construction, there is still plenty to love about CityScape. Many residents of 44 Monroe and Orpheum Lofts make the short commute to the incredible shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues Phase I CityScape has to offer. Once Block 23 is open and ready for business, there’s no telling how much the popularity and demand of living in downtown Phoenix will increase; downtown Phoenix homes will sell quicker and values will certainly appreciate.

For more information and to keep up on currents events of the Block 23 development, you can visit and subscribe to their newsletter. You can even view the project as it stands via webcam.